April update from AWRC

  • Accelerator programme #2 R&D projects continue (each one of varying length in line with needs of company)
  • Ongoing activity to recruit new mentors to our network in readiness for programme #3
  • Our community work continues with the innovation futures programme
  • Key time of the year in terms of our business planning cycle and an updated strategy for the next 3 years to be finalised soon
  • Work underway to update our web presence, included our new AWRC-wide blog, please check it out
  • Continuing to build relationships within the ecosystem, including attending events such as the launch of the Northern Innovation Accelerator for Mental Health – or NIAMH for short! (pic included, credit Dace Dimza-Jones, Dept International Trade)
  • Paid research internships now live for application: https://twitter.com/SHU_AWRC/status/1643549755992158209

If of interest:
One of our mentors in the digital health space, Clive Flashman, has just launched a new service called ‘TradeAide’ which may be useful to those looking at overseas healthcare markets.

Contact: Ryan Sylvester, ryan.sylvester@shu.ac.uk