April update from IoT Engine


  • The programme supports start-ups and SMEs to adopt, integrate and develop IoT through 1:1 mentoring and access to the MakerLab at Barnsley DMC for prototyping and proof of concept support.
  • We are continuing to work with companies to validate their business concepts, build early versions of products, expand their companies and introduce a new product or service to their business
  • The programme runs until June 2023 and participation is on a rolling basis so we are always looking for new SMEs to support! If you know anyone who may benefit from some support with anything related to IoT, please send them our way!

Event: How to Reduce your Energy Bills Using IoT

On 20th April, we are hosting a beginner-friendly workshop for any startup/SME to introduce them to the tech that can help them reduce their energy consumption, and drive down costs! No prior knowledge or understanding is required, and we are then hoping to work 1:1 with participants afterwards to help them implement this into their own workspaces, and/or come into the MakerLab to develop their own sensors!

Find out more, and sign up here.

Wider ecosystem

  • We are continuing to support the growth of a wider IoT ecosystem and network across South Yorkshire through the South Yorkshire Internet of Things Meetups. The last meetup took place at Arup in Sheffield, with speakers touching on topics from IoT in smart and historic buildings. You can read about it here.
  • The next SY IoT Meetup takes place on Tuesday 25th April, 5-7pm at Sheffield Hallam i-Lab, and will showcase what some great local businesses are working on in the IoT space, plus give attendees the chance to share their own relevant activities, and network with other enthusiasts. Tickets are here.

We ask that the network continues sharing our social media posts and events with their contacts, and sends anyone who they think may be interested in the programme our way! You can do this through our webpage: IoT Engine – TEAM SY (weareteamsy.org)

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