P4SY Founders – In their Own Words

In the first of our P4SY Accelerator Programme Founder interviews, we’ve been talking with Grace Gimson, CEO and Co-Founder of Holly Health.

‘Good to see you Grace. So – what is Holly Health?’

Holly Health is a platform to support people across our populations who have health and wellbeing lifestyle challenges, unfortunately many of whom are experiencing a gradual decline in their mental and physical health. A lot can be achieved by creating the right infrastructure and support for sustainable changes across physical and mental health behaviours.

So many of us (including me) were brought up to equate good health with weight loss – so we instinctively turn to short-term exercise or diet regimes to try to improve things. But, these short term and restrictive approaches very rarely improve our health in the long term – they often work against our biological systems, and create added stress and hopelessness.

Holly Health is a resource to break that pattern and ‘reset’ psychologically – helping people to make small behavioural changes from now, to forever. Holly Health coaches people to understand their relationship with food, their attitudes to nutrition, and emotional factors that affect eating, sleeping, exercising – providing insights into how feelings affect behaviours. Importantly, Holly Health approaches this in a unique and scalable way – using intelligent algorithms to support each person in a highly personalised way, adapting their coaching throughout.

For the full interview with Grace Gimson regarding Holly Health, please visit the Team SY page.

You can find out more through the Holly Health website, by checking out a demo video here, or connecting with Grace in LinkedIn.

Grace Gimson, CEO and Co-Founder of Holly Health