Entrepreneurial Spark

The Open Accelerator, delivering inclusive growth by driving up the success rate for entrepreneurs globally.

As global experts in the entrepreneurial mindset, we know how to help the people at the heart of the business to break out of their comfort zone and fulfil their potential.

Our goal is to deliver growth that benefits everybody. We are creating a new type of accelerator that will upend the current industry and give entrepreneurs everywhere permanent access to excellent growth support.

Partner: transform SY

Transform SY is a world class people accelerator that is being delivered by Entrepreneurial Spark, a leader in the entrepreneur support world. The programme will feature 3 cohorts of 20 businesses for 6 months each, with the first cohort currently in motion. Applications for Cohort 2 opened on May 27th.

Transform SY is a people accelerator – the focus of our support is on the entrepreneur as much as it is on the business because the entrepreneur is the one building their venture, not the opposite. We will help you flesh out your business proposition, hone your pitching skills and connect with relevant mentors and contacts across the region. But most importantly, we will enable the entrepreneur within you to achieve their goals through our fortnightly enablement sessions.