Update from Business Sheffield

Contacts: Yvonne Asquith, Yvonne.Asquith@sheffield.gov.uk, Natalie Fletcher, Natalie.Fletcher@sheffield.gov.uk

  • Sheffield best city to start a business in the Startup Cities Index 2022
    • Winning overall city, Sheffield
    • Sheffield second for business support
    • Sheffield 3rd for talent
  • We will be running social on this and integrating into various pages on the Business Sheffield part of the new website (released end of the month). Please share widely.
  • Start up support in local communities: attached case study about support to the African Women’s Affiliation Group for info.
  • Digigrants: the recent round of digital adoption grants available from BMBC (ERDF). 56 out of 93 entries were from Sheffield businesses. We are encouraging businesses to contact Business Sheffield so we can help businesses apply for a grant, which has a much better success rate than businesses applying directly themselves. If you know of any businesses, B2B, with digital requirements please do put them in touch with us.
  • Low Carbon: audits and grants are proving hugely popular with businesses of all shapes and sizes with approx. 90 of the 185 businesses on the pipeline from Sheffield. For both grants please see the following – Coronavirus – Support for Sheffield businesses.