Update from IOT engine

                        Rikki Coles, r.coles@connexin.co.uk


  • We are now supporting 16 businesses with various IoT-related projects across a variety of sectors from health care to rail and machine automation to astronomy!
  • We have passed the ERDF-required 12 hours of support for many participants who have completed, or are near completion of the projects we have been supporting
  • We have also assisted 4 companies to introduce a new product or service to their business

The programme runs until June 2023, and participation is on a rolling basis so we are always looking for new SMEs to support! If you know anyone who may benefit from some support with anything related to IoT, please send them our way!

Wider Ecosystem

  • We are continuing to support the growth of a wider IoT ecosystem and network across South Yorkshire
  • We assisted with the organisation and delivery of the second South Yorkshire Internet of Things Meetup – ‘IoT in Food and AgriTech’ at the National Centre of Excellence for Food Manufacturing in Sheffield in June – we had a great turn out both in person, and online, and lots of exciting connections were made between IoT enthusiasts across the region

Looking Forward

  • We are planning networking events for businesses on our cohort, as well as seminar-style ‘deep dive’ events into different aspects of IoT – keep your eyes peeled!