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Denis Ivanov, denis@entrepreneurial-spark.com

Update on Transform SY companies:

  1. Future Greens, led by Gabriele Barteskaite, who is growing seasonal greens with 95% less water wasted, has successfully sold to all of the leads they had on their pipeline and their demand currently exceeds the supply.
  2. Ferrio – on a path to make integration between any software seamless and effortless, Dan Blaney has just signed a very important client who have also recommended them to two more. Dan is also in conversations with an angel investor to fuel Ferrio’s growth.
  3. Tickets For Good – previously working with concerts and live venues to source NHS workers with discounted tickets, ‘Tickets For Good’ worked with FA (Football Association) few weeks ago to provide tickets for an English football team game and it was a major success; now the company will explore working with more sports venues and eventually even Premier League teams.
  4. CAN Studios – having struggled attracting new clients at a scale, Paul Hilton and his team’s training management solution is causing a lot of noise in the industry and the demand for it now exceeds the supply like with Future Greens.
  5. MealbaseJosh Faichney is changing the way food deliveries work by taking smaller commission, leaving more money in the local economy and eventually decarbonising the delivery journey. Josh’s Mealbase had its busiest weekend two weekends ago and delivered every order successfully.